5 Ways to Work From Home Remotely as a Mom

When you are a mom, you have to do whatever you can to always put your child first.  This means that many moms take a “stay at home” approach at least for the first several years of their child’s life.  If, however, you are needing a boost in income, you’ll want to take a look at working from home.  Tired of answering surveys and getting paid pennies?  You’ll be happy to learn that there are many other new options, now, that will help you to bring in some serious dough.

Audio and/or video transcription

You know how videos on social media have the words people are saying on them these days?  You can get paid to watch those videos (or at least listen to the audio files) and type out what you’re hearing.  This is called transcription.  The pay can be up to $20 an hour and it can be a fun way to earn some cash if you’re a fast typer.

Online tutoring

If you are a teacher or have an education in a certain discipline, you can offer chat-based or audio-based tutoring services online.  This is a fun way to help keep your skills fresh and earn some cash per hour.  You may even be able to set up a schedule and have regular weekly clients while your baby sleeps or while your child is in school depending on how you want to offer the services.  This allows you to offer services near and far, too, since it’s WiFi controlled.

Be a consultant

Similarly, consulting can also be helpful. If you are, for example, a designer, you can consult on decor and projects via video or email and earn some money at the same time.  It can be a fun take on the idea of traditional work hours and can be great for keeping in the know about trends in the field.

Be a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants can easily clean up as far as cash is concerned.  You can take a look at offering certain hours where you help out people with tasks online.  Popular options are data entry or filing.  This can be done remotely and you can set distinct hours to make sure that you work when it is convenient for you.

Design and sell crafts

If you are crafty or artistic, you can use your time to make crafts and then sell them online.  This is great if you like to take a piecework approach and it is going to be effective in helping you work when you have the time throughout the day.  Plus, there’s something pretty cool about creating something specifically to sell.  More of a baker?  Do the same thing and then sell it to locals around you. Whether you want to take a piecework approach or an hourly approach, there are honest and effective ways to work from home as a mom who is still fully involved in their little one’s life.  You just need to know where to look in order to find the right sources for you.

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Pinterest Image: 5 Ways to Work From Home Remotely as a Mom
Pinterest Image: 5 Ways to Work From Home Remotely as a Mom

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